Are you looking for help?

Thinking you might need a counsellor, a hypnotherapist, an ego state therapist or not quite sure what you need, just know you need someone to help.

Someone who will really listen and assist.

Whether this is your first time seeking help or whether you have been to many therapists before, Cas, Heather and the team are ready, and really wish to help guide and assist you to discover that internal tranquility, the peace and calmness on the inside, which may or may not be very different to what you are portraying and displaying externally.

If this sounds like it could be you, then wouldn’t you want to see a therapist that many others go to great lengths and travel long distances to see, a therapist that other therapists, doctors, celebrities, people with high public profiles, hairdressers, builders, shopkeepers and the people next door go to see and refer their friends and family to see.

If this is sounding like you!

As Cas Willow heads up the team at CaS Therapy and ensures that all of the therapists at CaS Therapy maintain a high level of competence, then wouldn’t you want to see Cas or one of the team under the CaS Therapy umbrella and philosophy to get the results you desire to find that internal balance.

Cas herself is a qualified professional counsellor, a registered clinical hypnotherapist, an ego state therapist, resource therapist, and drawing therapist amongst many others, as well as a supervisor to supervisors and therapists alike, not just any supervisor, but a supervisor with a recognized graduate diploma qualification in clinical supervision, one that few can claim to have achieved.

So… If you wishing to discover that internal resolution, or to discover it for the first time in your life. Know that the answer lies within, and we would be honored to hand you the tools and guide you to find that place within, where you are comfortable.

Our therapy centre is currently based in the suburb of Newport, Melbourne and incorporates many modalities able to assist you, with many varying issues. We also have some online programs and products that can be, and have been helpful to others for a various range of issues, including Quitting the Smokes, dropping some weight or straight forward relaxation.

So… if you struggle, find life too hard, if you are laden with guilt, or have an addiction to either smokes, drugs, alcohol, chocolate or any other substance or behaviour. Whatever the issue. We will help you explore and assist you with being able to take control of your internal world.

Do you:

  • Not cope well?
  • Feel overly anxious?
  • Not sleep well? Maybe you drop-off okay and then wake up, or vice versa.
  • Feel you might be ready to quit the smokes?
  • Drink too much?
  • Feel you are constantly struggling with food?
  • Suffer from depression or an overwhelming feeling of sadness?
  • Lack the motivation to get up and go?
  • Feel angry and explode at your family, friends or workmates?
  • Lack confidence, self-esteem or self-acceptance?

If you relate to any of the above, and if you are continuing to read on. Then you may be looking for answers and assistance to help discover some resolutions to some of these issues that may be impacting on your life or the life of someone you love in some way.

Maybe you are feeling the grief and loss of a loved one, a relationship, a job, a home, a business or a belonging, whatever your loss. It can be hurtful and painful and it can be helpful to talk to a therapist who has been trained in assisting people through this time. Grief is not bound by a time frame, in fact often the more time passes, the more painful it can become if we have not found a place of acceptance for it. Talking with a therapist can be very beneficial to redirecting your energies.

Cas Therapy
IF YOU are feeling this may be right for you,Then pick up the phone and book your appointment today with one of the therapists in Newport, Melbourne and Surrounding Areas
Phone: (03) 9397 0010 or Mobile: 0428 655 270

Why-o-why is it all so… tough?

You may have looked at many different possible solutions previously, you may have even experienced some level of success, however for one reason or another, the old habits, patterns or behaviours may have crept back into your life. Sometimes what is needed, is a little more research, a therapist with unique skills, a long history of experience in the therapeutic industry or a team that is able to explore possible key areas and solutions that work for you.

We don’t have a one size fits all!

We tailor a therapy plan to work with you, to address your needs, not ours.

Despite what you have done in the past, there is obviously something still preventing you from living the life that you want and desire. The best way to achieve that which you desire is to locate and identify the core of the issue once and for all, that issue that is blocking and preventing you from moving forward.

It is important to remember, “Nothing can change if you don’t know what to do to bring about that change”.

Quite simply put “Something Needs to Change“.

Cas has developed a Five Step Simple System that helps you achieve this change and what you want much easier than you may think.

Regardless of the change that you may need something does need to change, as you obviously want something different in your life and you want that NOW! It may be a small and minor change that may be impacting upon your life greatly, or it may be major changes that can totally turn you around to head in the direction of your choice.

Cas has continually trained, learnt, and explored new modalities over her 25 plus year career, it is through that extensive knowledge that Cas has developed the CaS Therapy process which is a combination of 15 different leading modalities carefully blended, weaved and crafted effectively together, creating the most innovative and powerful source of therapeutic treatment, often described as “unmatched” and “revolutionary”.

CaS Therapy has been designed to help you achieve what it is that YOU desire most of all.

This therapy really works and has done so time and time again, this type of therapy has been developed and research from true evidence-based information from world renowned experts in the field.

CaS Therapy offers you a way to live a quality and balanced life, one that is right and appropriate for you now!

The therapy helps you discover, and guides you through the learning necessary to change the pathways to head towards creating a future filled with positive and personally rewarding experiences, that are applicable to your needs, from your life. The therapy helps and guides you through the bumps in the road, the roadblocks, the detours, the areas where you may have felt stuck in the past, and provides you with strategies to bring you into the here and now, allowing you to plan and create a future based on the here and now, rather than the hurt, pain and/or unhelpful influences from the past.

Beginning to change means “Something Needs to Change“, you need to do something different in order for it to be possible to lead you to a New Balanced YOU!

There are five simple steps to this process:

Step One: We meet with you (preferably in person) and complete a detailed analysis and assessment which includes an individual treatment plan tailored specifically to your needs.

Step Two: A commitment is agreed upon with the therapist to implement the CaS Therapy Treatment Plan which helps assist and identify the old habits, patterns and behaviours as well as the believes that you may choose to set free and leave behind, allowing you to create space for a New Workable Belief System that is more congruent with who you are today and who you want to be in the future.

Step Three: An action plan is developed especially tailored for you with all of the tools, assistance and guidance that you need to achieve those set goals.

Step Four: A pathway with monitoring checkpoints is implemented to ensure change is brought about in a balanced manner. These checkpoints help to locate those blockages and blind spots that have been identified or that arise throughout the session.

Step Five: An individual maintenance plan is designed to give you the peace of mind, to live a happy and balanced life. According to the values and beliefs that are applicable to you and your desires.

heather and casSounding like this could be a fit for YOU?

Then pick up the phone and book your appointment today with one of the therapists in Newport, Melbourne and Surrounding Areas

Phone: (03) 9397 0010 or Mobile: 0428 655 270

Making that important decision to change can help you:

  1. Manage your anxiety levels.
  2. Quit the smokes.
  3. Assist you with controlling drinking or other habits.
  4. Become a weight that is right and healthy for you.
  5. Teach you strategies to manage your daily stress levels
  6. Help you discover how to relax
  7. Provide you with the tools you need to show you how to love yourself.

This program is unique, no other program can do what this one can!

Cas has many, many years of experience, in fact over 25 years of working with people who have suffered from various hurts, pains, issues and blockages in their lives that have prevented them from achieving and living a life that is right for them.

The CaS Therapy System is an extremely powerful tool which is affective in redirecting the mind to make choices which help to facilitate “change” and therefore complete the connection between the mind and the body, giving both balance and empowering the individual to “live a life, the one they really want.

The “Something Needs to Change” steps provides you with:

  1. The techniques and strategies that are unique to your needs.
  2. A pathway to the core of the issue that is possibly preventing you and holding you back from all that you desire, and want in, and from your life now and possibly in the future.
  3. The pathway to the valuable and powerful subconscious mind with exploration and suggestions that have the ability to assist with growth and change, that you currently have in the emotional connection that you currently have to your issues.
  4. The tools and information that you require to help you decide, the decision that you choose to make in an informed and positive manner.

Are you ready to see the change that changes your life?

If so,,,

We really do consider it an honour and a privilege to be working with you and for you.

If your time is now.

Then NOW is the TIME TO CALL 9397 0010 or 0428 655 270

Cas TherapySounding like this could be a fit for YOU?

Then pick up the phone and book your appointment today with one of the therapists in Newport, Melbourne and Surrounding Areas

Phone: (03) 9397 0010 or Mobile: 0428 655 270

CaS Therapy really is a unique approach: the only therapy of its kind which taps into the emotional side of the mind, uniting both the mind and the body in a way that balances and brings about change and therefore opportunity to achieve all that you desire.

Contact CaS Therapy right now on 9397 0010 or 0428 655 270

Cas ImageIf you are looking for a therapist to help, either a hypnotherapist or an experienced counsellor who has the experience to which others aspire to achieve.

Then HonestlyLook No Further!

Cas (pronounced Sass) Willow has the experience to Give YOU that Peace of Mind that You Are In The Right Hands.

To book for CaS Therapy (Supervision, Counselling and/or Hypnotherapy) please contact Cas, Heather or one of the team. Available for Appointments in NEWPORT, in Victoria, Australia, Cas is no longer taking clients in MOONEE PONDS.
Phone 9397 0010 or 0428 6702

Skype and Phone Counselling consultations are also available.

Whatever the reasons are, You CAN Make The Changes in Your Life!

Do you want someone who just listens, guides, supports and empowers YOU?

There is someone who really cares about you and Your Journey in Life. Someone to give you the tools and shows you how to discover and take charge of your life by making the changes and the choices required for an improved and happier pathway in your life.

heather and casIF you are ready to take action, you are in the right place!

Pick up the phone and book your appointment today with one of the therapists in Newport, Melbourne and Surrounding Areas.

Phone: (03) 9397 0010 or Mobile: 0428 655 270

NB. We are never too far away from the phone, however if you are redirected to the answering service, please leave a message and we will return your call, just as soon as we are available,

Cas and Heather, together Co-Authored the
Lifestyle and Weight Management Book and Program

“Hey Hey It’s Me!”

Described as “Revolutionary”, amongst other things.

For more information on the book and/or the program visit


Business and Corporate Team Building,
Communications, Resilience and Self Care Training

are also available,
for enquiries please feel free to call or contact us via email.

Therapists Looking for Supervision

Cas is a Registered Clinical Supervisor for:

Counselling, Supervision, Hypnotherapy, Ego State Therapy and Resource Therapy.

Cas has actually completed a Vocational Graduate Diploma in Clinical Supervision (69795)

Cas is a Registered Clinical Supervisor with:
The Australian Counselling Association (ACA)
The International Society of Counselling and Clinical Supervisors (ISOCCS)
The Australian Hypnotherapy Association (AHA)
The Australian Association of Clinical Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy (AACHP)
The Australasian Ego State Therapy Association (AESTA)
And Resource Therapy International (RTI)

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